HERNANDO COUNTY, FLA - A Hernando County woman was charged with animal cruelty after deputies said she shot two dogs over 170 times with a gas-powered BB gun.
A Hernando County animal enforcement officer with the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence, located at 472 Hollyhock Lane in Spring Hill on April 19, 2022, in reference to a woman possibly shooting her own dogs with a BB gun.
A witness advised he was working outside when he heard the sound of a BB gun being fired followed by yelps of dogs being hit. During the course of 30 to 45 minutes, the witness advised hearing a BB gun fire approximately 15 times.
The animal enforcement officer was able to make contact with Jamie Lynn Kujawa DOB/05-14-1984, regarding the incident involving her property.
Kujawa initially advised she didn’t own a BB gun. The animal enforcement officer then asked to see proof of vaccination for all three dogs, which Kujawa was unable to provide.
Upon inspecting the dogs, the animal enforcement officer noted various injuries and scaring on the feet and paws of each dog.
Kujawa advised the dogs had recently been involved in a fight, which she was forced to use water from a hose to break up.
The animal enforcement officer noted one of the dogs appeared in worse condition than the others with numerous fresh puncture wounds to its paws and legs. The animal enforcement officer gave Kujawa a verbal warning for having unvaccinated dogs.
Kujawa was further instructed she had 10 days to get the dogs vaccinated and provide proof that the injured dog received treatment.
On 04-20-2022, a deputy and an animal enforcement officer returned to 472 Hollyhock Lane to further investigate the potential of criminal violations.
The deputy initially spoke to the witness who shares a fence with Kujawa. After confirming his earlier statements, the deputy went to the backyard where through the fence he observed three dogs, all of which appeared to be limping.
The deputy proceeded to Kujawa’s residence and requested to view all three dogs. The deputy noted two of the dogs appeared to have fresh wounds on their front paws and legs. The deputy indicated some of the injuries appeared to be consistent with dogs that have been fighting.
The deputy did note he was unable to touch or thoroughly inspect the dogs due to the dogs not being comfortable with being touched. Kujawa was advised she remained under a 10-day warning to have the dogs checked by a veterinarian.
Over the course of the next week, animal enforcement officers routinely checked on the condition of the dogs. On 04-28-2022, Kujawa called the Sheriff’s Office to advise she was financially unable to take the dogs to veterinarian and further inquired about the county’s owner surrender policy.
On 05-03-2022, Kujawa surrendered two of the three dogs to Hernando County Animal Services.
On 05-06-2022, an in-depth examination was conducted by the veterinarian at Hernando County Animal Services. The veterinarian was able to remove a lead pellet from the right paw of one of the dogs.
On 05-09-2022, in abundance of caution, both dogs were sent to a local veterinarian for x-rays. When the first dog was x-rayed, the veterinarian identified approximately 61 BBs and 19 lead pellets located throughout the dog’s legs, torso, and head.
When the second dog was x-rayed, the veterinarian identified approximately 71 BBs and 22 lead pellets throughout the dog’s legs, torso, and head.
A total of 173 projectiles were found embedded between the two dogs.
On 05-10-2022, deputies responded to Kujawa’s residence where they arrested her on multiple counts of felony Aggravated Animal Cruelty.
Investigation revealed Kujawa used a gas-powered BB gun to shoot the dogs when they attempted to dig under the property fence to get out of her yard.
Kujawa advised she had been shooting the dogs for approximately two months. Additionally, the remainder of the animals in Kujawa’s home to include a third dog, three cats, a ferret, and a bird were removed from the home.
An investigation into the condition of those animals is currently under investigation.