Scott Quinn


NEW PORT RICHEY, FLA - Pasco Sheriff detectives now believe Alyssa Ciccarelli, a woman who was reported missing April 23, is now dead. 
On April 23, detectives were able to determine that Ciccarelli left the Holiday Hotel on April 17 and met with Scott Quinn, 39, for a drug transaction. Detectives spoke with Quinn who advised he saw Ciccarelli at Embassy Food & Gas in Port Richey on April 17, but parted ways after that.
Detectives searched an area of Cherry Creek Ln. in Port Richey on May 10 after locating items that were believed to belong to Ciccarelli. This area is also close to where Quinn was staying around April 17. Nothing of significance was found during the search.
Detectives once again spoke with Quinn on May 10 and 11 and Quinn then told detectives that he and Ciccarelli used fentanyl together in the woods near the Cherry Creek Ln. area on April 17 and stated that Ciccarelli “nodded out.”
Quinn then stole many of Ciccarelli’s belongings and left the area. Quinn returned to the area in the early morning hours of April 18 to discover Ciccarelli deceased and did not attempt to contact Fire Rescue or law enforcement. Instead, he claimed he placed Ciccarelli inside a nearby dumpster, then discarded more of Ciccarelli’s belongings. Quinn also pawned some of Ciccarelli’s belongings that he stole after failing to render any aid to Ciccarelli.
Quinn is arrested on several charges relating to this case, including Tampering with Physical Evidence, False Verification of Ownership, Dealing in Stolen Property and False Information to Law Enforcement During a Missing Persons Investigation and Grand Theft.
Quinn was already in the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center for charges unrelated to this case.
The Pasco Sheriff's Office continues to investigate this case to find Ciccarelli. Anyone with information should call the PSO Crime Tips Line at 1-800-706-2488 or report tips online at